Audubon's Kingfisher

Audubon's Kingfisher

Monday, November 23, 2015

Last Harvest / Gold Dust Reveals

Last Harvest Challenge:
Orange, bane of the color wheel! (well, for me) still a challenge for me to make things with it. Nature happened to be pulling out all the stops with the fall leaf color change though, so I was able to get inspiration just by looking out the window.

Gold Dust Challenge:
For me, this was all about the pyrite beads - I have always wanted some to play with but never bought any, I considered them too rich for my designs. I dug into my gemstone stash and messed around with some long forgotten wire working skills. Sadly, the mystery component is still on my bead desk, waiting it's turn:

Please make sure to stop by Andrew's Blog to see the rest of the awesome creations!


  1. Beautiful work Christina! I love the necklace with the leaf the most! Love the dangles, very pretty pieces!!

  2. Gorgeous creations! My favorite has to be the first necklace with all those lovely leaf dangles. Orange is my color!

  3. Lovely pieces. I really like the bracelet with blues and purples.