Audubon's Kingfisher

Audubon's Kingfisher

Friday, January 31, 2014

Has it really been that long???!!!

To quote a co-worker: Holey Tacos!

Honestly, I have just started beading again after a few months (busy), hiking (not enough) and health (stupid hands...and ear which is a long story) have taken priority.

Several things lit a fire under my a**:

The lovely Emma over on the Beading Daily Forms has created a color palette challenge. I will be revealing my colors and designs on the reveal day, 2/5/14.

Beading Daily is having a "Downton Abbey/Edwardian Design Challenge" which is right up my vintage bead hoarding alley. Reveal day is 2/1/14 (got to wrap one thing up and then will post.)

Bead Soup Blog Party # 8 is around the corner (omg! squee! yippee! yay!)...I often read Lori's blog-bless her she had a plate full of life and just heaps beads on it. And pie.

I finally broke through the wall on my Raven embroidery project....Add turquoise and voila! I have a ton of new ideas now and I think I am ready to approach him again.

I just starting poking through my blogs list and found Charlie over at Clay Space has a Hunger Games Challenge going (see button on my blog)-I am a month late so I missed District 1 but that leaves 12 more (if she is counting 13.) Which is right up my Hunger Games obsessed fan girl alley.

Beads and desk are dusted off, beads are all over the house, and once again I am looking out at the world and thinking "I wonder what delicas I would need to make that in beads...or those colors look amazing together...where are my beads...oooh lookie new swarovski that a real owl feather....Laura Mears has new designs...the cherry blossom tree has buds on it....

Yep, I think I am slowly crawling back toward the light. Those beads are just so sparkly!