Audubon's Kingfisher

Audubon's Kingfisher

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Weekend in Beads..and Sewing

Yep, that's right. Sewing. Such a small innocent word. What it really translates to is "repeatedly stabbed yourself in the thumb/hand/other body part with a long sharp needle, swearing, and with lots eyecrossing/blinding headaches/backache"

So a little backstory...
I have wanted a nice vintage pincushion doll forever. I remember my Grandmother having one. I recall thinking how strange that Grandma Sally stabbed her pretty dollies with needles. Anyway I found one on Etsy that looked like hers...but the pincushion part was full of holes and stains so I bought it and the porcelain doll half sat on my bead desk for about 6 months. I then stumbled on a lovely website . Not only does she sell the dolls, she sells the fabric kits to make them. (yay.) I purchased the "Scarlett" kit since the color was a good match for what was left of Ms. Pincushion. I got the kit yesterday and I was up most of the night and part of this morning sewing.

And here without further ado is my completed, hand sewn, pincushion doll:

I even had enough fabric left over to make her a little purse/sachet.

And now for the beads!

A co-worker suggested that I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read the trilogy in 2 days. All I can say is that the story was heart-wrenching and totally absorbing. This is not a book review though. This is about beads.
I am not a screaming crazy teen fan girl (it's ok if you are though) but I wanted to make something inspired by the story so here is...a necklace. And even if you never heard of or read The Hunger Games, it's still nice and steampunky for everyone else :)

I kept the bird theme going with this guy:

And then last but not least:

An earthy little bracelet and earring set:

That's it for now :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Weekend in Beads-With beads!

Hi everyone, I'm back and was finally feeling up to a weekend in beads so here we go!

I finished these:

I made earrings to go with the owl necklace:
Then I made a set (yet to be named)
I haven't been buying as much since the big clean out...but I just bought another Andrew Thornton bronze pendant...I'm addicted. This time it's a stag...he's crying out for some seraphinite and labradorite to go with him.

Don't forget, everyone that leaves a comment for me this month will be entered to win a suprise goodie bag of czech glass beads!