Audubon's Kingfisher

Audubon's Kingfisher

Saturday, April 19, 2014

7th Redo Challenge...2nd try is the charm

I participated in the 7th Redo Challenge! Really! Don't let my blog fool you. I swear this is the last time I try the auto post feature. I just does not work for me at all :(

Ok, now that I am done ranting here is what I received:

The rules say I should use at least 50% of what I received. The triangle beads on the first necklace would NOT cooperate with me. At all. They are still in a little baggy on my desk.

I did redo the second necklace into 3 necklaces and a bracelet so here they are:

The leather laces and the polymer clay heart are from the redo pieces. I tore everything off the heart, painted it bronze, then nailed and glued on some watch gears, pieces, and a swarovski flat back. I really wanted the heart to stand out so I added a simple chain tassel at the bottom.

I used the turquoise glass drop beads along the chain and mixed in with the leaf charm chain at the front.

A matching bracelet, also using the glass teardrops:

And last, but not least, and my favorite of the group:

Black Rhinestone chain and leather laces from the swap were used in this piece.

I hope the late post does not disqualify me for the next round!

Here are the linkys to all the other wonderful people that participated:

Jeannie K Dukic  Our lovely Hostess
Christina Hickman -Yay you found me!!!


  1. Hey there, I thought that it was you! So glad we meet again. :) Wonderful pieces you made. Lots of blue and owls. Love all the pieces.

  2. oh, gosh no, a late post would not disqualify you. Silly girl.
    I love that you did a DO OVER on one of the components. That heart looks much better. I'm just dazzled by all the new pieces. They are completely transformed. I so happy you join us and thank you for participating. Looking forward to the next one.

  3. Hi Christina. I too had computer issues and posted later in the day. Your pieces are all beautiful. My favorite is the necklace with the blue ceramic owl.

  4. Wow! Nice pieces and thanks for sharing. I love to see what we all do in different ways.

  5. I just love the steampunk necklace! That focal is just great!

  6. I agree - I love your last necklace.

  7. Don't you just hate when beads don't cooperate!!!! But I love what you did with the other set....stunning pieces. Great job!

  8. The bronze heart necklace is my favorite! They are all great but I love how you made the heart your own. So creative!