Audubon's Kingfisher

Audubon's Kingfisher

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party-serving of leftovers

First of all I want to say a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you that stopped by and took a look and my Bead Soup pieces. I spent 12 hours (no kidding) yesterday visting everyone on the list for Reveal #1. <imagine eyeballs leaking outta face here>

I was up late the night before the reveal working on a last minute piece (the butterfly necklace.)

I managed to make the matching earrings a bracelet in between hops yesterday so here they are:

I am also going to try to write out the list of ingredients I was sent since I failed to take a picture:

10 Purple/Blue/Silver czech glass leaf beads (seen in the Butterfly necklace and bracelet)
4 Matte silver filigree links (2 are used in the 2 strand crystal pendant necklace)
1 Blue iris crystal pendant (seen in the 2 strand crystal pendant necklace)
4 Silver vintage crystal sew on beads (2 are seen on the embroidered cuff)
8 10mm Vitrial rose vintage crystal beads (as seen in the coin necklace, the locket necklace, and the charm bracelet and the one pair of earrings)
4 6mm vintage vitrial silver shadow crystals (as seen in the rosary connector earrings and the coin necklace)
10 4x2 clear ab crystal rondelles (as seen in the locket necklace and the charm bracelet)
5 6mm round white opal crystals (as seen the coin necklace, charm bracelet and locket necklace)
4 6mm bicone alabaster white crystals ( 2 are seen in the locket necklace)
2 small floral bead caps (seen in the coin necklace)
4 large floral bead caps (not used...yet)
2 4mm rhinestone rondells (seen in the locket necklace)
4 long silver glass bugle beads (not used yet)
22 4mm matte white opal ab czech flower buttons (seen on the embroidered cuff)
1 rhinestone tulip toggle clasp (seen on the locket necklace)
1 matte silver S hook clasp (seen on the 2 strand blue crystal necklace)
1 baggie of white hex cut seed beads (some used on the embroidered cuff)
Matte silver jump rings, oval and round (used in the locket necklace, the coin necklace and the charm bracelet)

All contained in a cute little heart shaped box which to my horror I can't seem to find anywhere :( I also can't find the lovely card with birds on it....

And Amber, if I left anything out, I am really sorry...I opened the package and just went to town lol!

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  1. ~*Lovely*~ & you did a great job recalling it all! The white and opal, shadow and silver faceted beads are all Swarovski. :) It's so cool of you to share an account of what I sent. I didn't take a photo of the soup either- I suppose it just was not meant to be seen all together! ;)