Audubon's Kingfisher

Audubon's Kingfisher

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Weekend in Beads-It's Spring! Finally!

Howdy folks!

There was no last weekend in beads because I was at my friend Nina's shop, Market Beads, in downtown Seattle rescuing these babies:

This guy came from The Raven's Nest (another fabulous shop at the Market) awesome is it?? It's a vintage brooch/pendant with blue moonglow cabs and rhinestones. Yes, those are my fat little fingers.

Most of the goodies from Nina are vintage plastic and lucite (and some amazing raspberry and green moonglow beads) along with some seedbeads and west german glass...I just sit and stare at the box, I think I am still in shock over how awesome a haul this is.

The sun is finally out after goddess knows how many months of hiding behind clouds. I puttered in what remained of my deck garden (only my lavendar and chives survived the winter.) I made some fresh humming bird food and put out some tasty noms for the other guys (suet and a super bird granola brick thingy.)

I think tomorrow I am going to spring clean my bead desk...Stay tuned...I am planning on doing a giveaway with some of my czech glass beads...I will get that together soon!

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  1. Christina, You made out like a bandit on that loot. I see a lot of creating in your future, have fun. Glad the sun is shinning in your part of the world.