Audubon's Kingfisher

Audubon's Kingfisher

Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Weekend in Beads is back!

Howdy folks!
I have recuperated enough from being sick just long enough to break a tooth (going to the dentist next weekend.) If it's not one thing, it's another.

And now for some beads!

I received my beads from my partner,  Charlene for the Bead Soup Blog Party:

And since she hasn't post pictures of what I sent her just is a picture of the box I put her beads in:

And I have managed to get a few things made:

I made this necklace with a lovely polymer clay pendant that was a gift from a friend, Andrea. The colors of the pendant just make me so happy I keep staring at it :)

And this necklace was the result of another "just putting things away" inspiration. Bronze bird pendant from Green Girl Studios.

Well, other than getting bead packages together for the Spring Challenge Swap that I am hosting and trying to get my taxes done that is about it for now.


  1. Christina,
    Glad you are feeling better, but sorry about your tooth that is a bummer. You have a yummy soup mix to work with have fun. I love the necklaces, eapecially the first one!

  2. What an interesting Bead Soup! I look forward to seeing your creation :) x